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Making the most of your office space is important. You want to be comfortable at your desk, and avoid clutter wherever possible. We’ve seen some creative uses of desk space while spending time in our clients’ offices, like employees placing a laptop in a drawer and running a cable out to a separate monitor and keyboard to free up desk space. Another common way of having a computer take up less space is wedging the tower between the desk and the wall to create more leg room.

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While these types of set ups may give you more room in your workspace, you’re doing so at the expense of your devices. Proper computer ventilation is critical. When one of these devices is in an enclosed space, they’re forced to keep circulating warm air instead of the cool air they need to keep their various components at a safe temperature. When computers can’t cool down, you run the risk of them developing all kinds of problems. Not only will it seriously slow down system performance, but it can also cause hard drive failure or motherboard failure. And in the case of a laptop, it can even cause the screen to fail.

Fixing any of these problems can be expensive, and might even mean you’ll need to buy an entirely new device. Computers aren’t exactly cheap, and going without access to yours for any length of time because it’s being repaired or replaced isn’t a situation you want to find yourself in. Especially given how heavily today’s businesses rely on their computers for just about everything.

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Colorado Computer Support is a local IT company certified and verified service-disabled veteran-owned Small Business. When you use our IT services in Colorado Springs, you can be confident that you are dealing with a Colorado Springs company owned by a disabled veteran and that they will be able to provide you with the best possible IT support.
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