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Thursday, February 27th

9 – 11:30a.m.

At The Colorado PTAC

Join us as Blake Schwank, CEO of Colorado Computer Support, facilitates a training session for the Colorado PTAC.  Colorado PTAC assists Colorado businesses do business with Federal, State and Local Governments.

Blake will explain how you can use the Cloud to:

  • Increase Data Security and Accessibility
  • Decrease Your IT Costs
  • Take Advantage of Scalable Solutions
  • Better Collaborate and Share Files in Real Time
  • Enhance Communications
  • Improve Document Management Capabilities
  • And More

Join us at:

The Colorado PTAC

3595 East Fountain Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80910-1733

To sign up follow the link and register online at:

For more information contact:  Dennis Casey at (719) 434-3470.

About Colorado Computer Support (CCS)

CCS was founded in 2001 by CEO Blake Schwank out of a passion for helping businesses utilize technology to grow and expand their services. In the Army as a Medical Information Systems Officer and later as the IT director of a software development firm, Blake consistently sought out ways to effectively use technology to enhance business processes.  Now as the CEO of CCS he hires team members who share that same passion and drive to help clients advance their success.

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