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Does Your Technology Get You This Frustrated? Police Respond to a Computer Shooter


We know technology can get frustrating, but this is a whole other level.

Police in Colorado Springs responded to a call recently that reported multiple gunshots had been fired.

The victim was a Dell computer. The Computer Had it Coming

Lucas Hinch, the owner of the computer, told police he’d had enough of it. The system had been giving him trouble for a long time; shutting down and producing multiple errors. The night of the incident the computer gave him a blank, blue screen.

Hinch got a handgun from a seller on Craigslist; he went home, unhooked his computer, dragged it into an alley behind his homeopathic herb shop, and shot 8 bullets in it from a close range.

Officers issued Hinch a citation when they responded to calls and found him in the alley. He was unaware that there was anything wrong with what he had done, but in Colorado Springs it’s illegal to discharge a firearm in public.

Don’t Let it Get to This

There’s no reason your technology should frustrate you this much. Sure you may not resort to firearms, but losing time because of poor technology means diminished productivity and lost wages. When your system is starting to show its age you need to look into upgrades, repairs, or possibly new hardware. Nothing is worth losing sleep – or getting a citation – over.

We know you waste valuable time struggling with technology, and we’re here to help. It’s time to relieve your IT burden and get set up with the best hardware, services and solutions available.

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