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There is one resource that matters above all others to a business in Colorado: TIME. How you spend your time determines how productive your employees are, how happy your clients are, and how successful you will be.

Your information technology can make the crucial difference between time spent well and time wasted.

Good IT improves productivity and efficiency, helps streamline daily operations, and opens up possibilities for better communication and service every day. On the other hand, poorly managed IT has the tendency to crop up with all sorts of errors that waste both your money and your time, leading to:

  • Dramatically reduced employee productivity and morale
  • Wasted payroll dollars for unproductive employees
  • Potentially missed business opportunities
  • Damaged reputation and client relationships

So how can you ensure the information technology your Colorado business relies on every day SAVES you time? It’s all about Strategic IT Planning.

Colorado Computer Support can serve as your Virtual Chief Information Officer, providing the guidance and leadership you need to truly leverage your IT for success. Call us at (719) 355-2440 to find out how.

Our company has been working with Colorado Computer Support for over ten years. They have been a valuable partner with us, and have enabled us to grow and not worry about technology.

With over 25 agents and a dynamic Real Estate office, technology is a critical component of our business and CCS is instrumental to our success. Blake and his team are an integral part of our organization and we consider them part of our family.”

Monika Newman
Weichert, Realtors® – Pikes Peak Group

As your virtual CIO, CCS helps create an IT strategy customized for YOUR business needs:

  • We analyze your business by interviewing you and your staff, learning how you use technology every day, and discovering what benefits new IT services and solutions can make to your productivity, efficiency, and bottom line.
  • Together, we will create a realistic budget and schedule for improving your use of IT, starting with the most crucial elements to ensure you see immediate positive results.
  • We serve as a member of your management team, helping you include your technology as a part of your overall business strategy. We’ll advise you on your purchases and investments and how your IT influences the other operations of your business.

Want to know more about the benefits you’ll receive with CCS serving as your virtual CIO? Call (719) 355-2440 or send an email to today to talk about creating a customized IT strategy for YOUR Colorado business.

How Will We Leverage Innovative IT For Your Business?

As your vCIO, our job is to find out what technologies will best serve your needs, making the biggest positive impact on your business while fitting into your budget and your daily operations. Here are a few of the Colorado IT solutions we consult on:

Colorado Cloud Services

  • Is the cloud safe? How do cloud services impact the security of your other IT systems? What can CCS do to make using the cloud simple and safe?
  • How can you leverage cloud solutions to access data and applications out of the office so it’s easy to collaborate and work remotely?
  • How can you save money with cloud services by accessing hosted virtual services like VoIP phones or Office 365?


  • Virtual computing environments can replace your servers or hefty desktops, running faster, more efficiently, and with fewer costs.
  • They can be easily and safely accessed from outside the office via the Internet, so you can work anytime, anywhere.
  • We customize and focus virtual environments on the applications and storage space that YOU need, and nothing more, so it’s streamlined, flexible, and cost-effective.

Wireless Networking

  • Advanced network infrastructure analysis to help determine what kind of wireless network is best for YOUR needs.
  • Security policy consultation to ensure your wireless network is safe from unauthorized access or exploitation.
  • Hardware & software product recommendations & sales, ensuring you use quality products designed for your necessary speeds and safety.
  • System administration support to help you control access to your vital systems and know just who is looking at your data.

Colorado Computer Support: Your collaborative partner in strategic information technology for Colorado businesses. Contact us today at (719) 355-2440 or to discuss how CCS can help YOUR business leverage IT for success.

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Colorado Computer Support is a local IT company certified and verified service-disabled veteran-owned Small Business. When you use our IT services in Colorado Springs, you can be confident that you are dealing with a Colorado Springs company owned by a disabled veteran and that they will be able to provide you with the best possible IT support.
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✅ IT Services By Colorado Computer Support
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