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If you’re like most of us, you hesitate to answer calls from unfamiliar phone numbers because, more times than not, these calls are from someone trying to sell you something. Plus, while these annoying calls were once limited to your landline telephone, they are now coming to your cell phone as well. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to identify which calls are from marketers and which calls you might want to answer.

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How to identify and avoid spam phone calls

Detecting and preventing hundreds of thousands of spam phone calls is as easy as downloading an app, “Mr. Number.” This easy-to-use app is a favorite of our Colorado Springs computer services company and works by syncing your cell phone’s phone book with its data base of thousands of numbers that have been reported as spam by other users. You can also add numbers to this “do not answer” registry as well as calls from certain countries. You can set up the app to either warn you about such numbers or block them entirely. Mr. Number is available for both Apple and Android-based phones. The basic version is free and there is a paid version. Also, that offers more features.

Other computer and cell phone tips

1. Hiding your unsightly power strip in a shoe box. If you’re like most of us, you have a cluster of power cords behind your desk, leading to everything from your modem to your PC or laptop itself. That jumble can be pretty unsightly. Plus, it’s often difficult to tell which cord leaves to which device. One good way to hide that mess and make your desk area neater is to put a decorated shoe box atop your power cord. You can poke holes in the box and line them with tape or grommets so that the wires can access the power strip.

2. Shortening your computer cords. Speaking of power cords, most people have much longer computer cords than they need. Too often, this excess ends up just shoved behind a desk where it collects dust and grime. It’s easy to avoid this clutter by using a couple of plastic cord winders (available at most hardware stores) and tucking them neatly beside or behind your desk.

Our Colorado Springs computer services company

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