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Published On: January 12, 2018 by Blake Schwank

Getting the proper level of information technology support into our schools is of the utmost importance. All the things that can plague today’s computer-networked businesses can afflict our schools as well. At a state level, small-town charter schools in Colorado need the right level of IT support so that things like security, data protection and backup, cloud computing platforms, and IT systems monitoring can all be handled or watchdogged in a consistent, reliable manner.

Our kids deserve at least that – as do our educators.

But, where are you going to find top-tier IT support in Colorado communities that exist outside of the major markets?

It’s not like every small-town charter school can have award-winning IT professionals working for them…or, can they?

Now, with Colorado Computer Support mentoring school administrators with our IT expertise, you can have a top-qualified IT support specialist diligently working for you and your charter school student body – delivering support that ensures (among other things):

  • Implementation of a standardized testing platform.
  • Web filtering that successfully blocks inappropriate websites.
  • You get better business IT solutions to help you do things in a much smarter way.
  • Roll-out of Google Chromebooks to help lock-down the computer environment vs. the one-to-one laptops where every student has their systems locked down.
  • Remedying of pain points wherever they pop up along your IT network.

Information Technology Services & Support for Schools Across Colorado

The educational system in the United States is vital to the development of our youth, providing the foundation for them to do great things in the future and lead our country. IT plays a crucial part in this equation.

Schools today need a solid foundation of information technology, not only to keep their own operations running smoothly but also to help students learn technology systems as they prepare for the future. Schools, as educational network admins know, have unique needs when it comes to IT, such as:

  • Student management software support and consulting.
  • Microsoft Office 365 and other cloud-hosted solutions for education deployments.
  • Mobile computing with Google Chromebooks and iPads.
  • Online portals for faculty, students, and parents.
  • Testing and evaluation software.
  • Security and compliance with CIPA.

But, too many small-town charter schools rely on parents and volunteers to manage their IT. This can easily lead to unsecured networks and overwhelming IT challenges. To make sure your IT systems are set up correctly, you need to turn to someone who has a proven track record with schools across Colorado – Colorado Computer Support.

Our affordable nexus of services includes the kinds of IT service offerings you would expect to find in a best-in-class provider who has made the Inc. 5000 list of Best Business Leaders in America for the third year in a row (2017).

The Challenge: Getting Top Colorado IT Support for Small-Town Charter Schools

Colorado Computer Support has recognized the problem of getting proper IT support into rural communities in CO for some time now.

Consider the fact that there are 200 cities across Colorado with less than 5000 people.  Where do you find reliable IT support in these communities?  It’s not like there are highly-qualified tech support teams in these rural communities.

So, where do you turn when you are in rural Colorado, New Mexico or even Utah?

You can now turn to a company like Colorado Computer Support which has proven expertise in managing the IT systems of remote organizations.

Our IT services allow your entire faculty to focus on teaching. We specialize in how public and private K-12 schools use IT, and our IT experts can help educators deal with technology challenges in the following ways:

  • A Versatile Outsourced IT Team: Whether you need us to serve as your entire IT department or as support for your own IT professionals, we’re here to take care of whatever you need when it comes to IT. Our proactive IT support and solutions are designed to minimize potential IT problems and keep your technology running at its best.
  • Systems Optimization: Schools need to make every dollar count. We’ll help you optimize all the technology you use so you may consume less power, require less oversight and maintenance, resulting in less downtime and expense.
  • Planning & Consultation: We’ll work with you to find and leverage innovative solutions like server virtualization, Microsoft Office 365, cloud-based hosted services and more.
  • Wireless Networking: We’ll make sure you’re using a wireless network that is secure and easy to access. You can leverage easy Internet access in your classrooms, offices, and everywhere else on your campus. We’ll also make it easy to separate and control different networks for teachers, students, and visitors. We’ll also ensure the right policies are in place to students who bring their own devices to school.
  • 24/7 IT Support: If you ever need assistance with any IT-related issue or problem, our team are available via email or phone.

So, why else choose Colorado Computer Support as your IT service provider of choice?

Colorado Computer Support is a strategic technology partner for companies from A to Z. We make technology simple and easy for you and your staff by tailoring you the best IT support solution. You can focus on running your business and pursuing your long-term goals by turning to us for IT solutions.

We provide IT services, computer and networking solutions, and Apple/Mac support to schools in Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Florence, Pueblo and throughout the State of Colorado including Metro Denver, Littleton, Boulder, Aurora, and along the Front Range and I-70 corridor.

Helping Small-Town Charter Schools Thrive – Colorado Computer Support

We help schools across Colorado with education IT services designed for 21st Century technology integration and leverage.

It’s time to elevate your IT support for small-town charter schools in Colorado with reliable IT support services — contact us at (719) 310-3035 to make sure your school IT network always runs on the cutting edge of performance!

Certified and Verified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

Colorado Computer Support is a local IT company certified and verified service-disabled veteran-owned Small Business. When you use our IT services in Colorado Springs, you can be confident that you are dealing with a Colorado Springs company owned by a disabled veteran and that they will be able to provide you with the best possible IT support.
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