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Published On: October 20, 2018 by Blake Schwank

One of the most frustrating parts of office life is dealing with the multiple cords that are needed to power and connect our various devices. Charging cords for phones, tablets, laptops, docks, external hard drives and more — it can cause a real jumbled-up mess on your desk. If you are tired of dealing with this annoyance that can cause you to chase cords before they slide away from you, you’ll love this tech tip from your Colorado Springs computer services professionals!

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Working from Home (or Remotely)

Many of today’s office workers have to be ready to grab their gear and head to another location at a moment’s notice. This could entail grabbing just a laptop, but generally includes a range of charging cords and such. Each item has to be unplugged and re-plugged — often multiple times per day. If you don’t have your cables and cords tied down effectively, this could mean that you spend a fair amount of your time digging under your desk attempting to retrieve a wayward cord that slithered away from you after a recent shift.

Not only is it annoying to take the time to grab the cords, but it would also be embarrassing if your boss or co-worker wandered up to your desk while you’re scavenging for traveling cords. Fortunately, there’s a relatively simple solution to this all-too-common problem that is common to many office workers.

A Simple Office Item Solves the Problem

You’ve probably seen a wide range of hacks over the years, where gurus take household items and use them in innovative ways. This tech tip is one that will save you from scrambling to grab those cords before they shift out of your hands. Take a small black binder clip and attached it to the edge of your desk or table near where you have a number of cords that tend to get away from you. Gently remove one side of the metal wire from the clip, pop in your cords and replace the metal wire into the binder clip so the cord is captured.

You’ve created a simple solution to a big problem — and you’ve used items that you probably have on your desk already! The next time you need to unplug, you will have the peace of mind knowing that those slippery cords won’t be falling under your desk again.

Your IT services professionals have plenty of ways to creatively utilize items at their fingertips. Check out our Tech Tip Tuesday videos from your Colorado Springs computer solutions team on YouTube to keep learning.

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