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Published On: April 19, 2019 by Blake Schwank

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Are your servers spluttering? Crashing more than expected? It could be that the climate in your server room is to blame. Even if you’re maintaining the ideal temperature for your electronics, there are other factors that could negatively impact the effectiveness of your technology. Viruses and data breaches are not the only things that your servers have to fear: humidity can also be a major threat to the productivity of your teams. Here are guidelines for keeping your server room environment set to optimal standards.

Correct Server Temperature = Healthy Networks

Your servers are continually pumping out hot air, while air conditioners attempt to balance the room to the ideal temperature range for electronics. While your server closet temperatures should never go above 82 degrees or dip below 50 degrees, there is actually a tighter range of optimal temperatures that you should be shooting for: between 68-71 degrees. This is a relatively thin range and could require some fine-tuning to dial in your environmental controls, but the payoff is certainly worth the effort. When your electronics are maintained in this range, they will last longer and will also be more consistent. You will also experience a dramatic drop in failures that can cause downtime, loss of productivity and revenue loss. Now that you’ve got the temperature under control, it’s time to look at the ideal humidity levels for your servers and other critical electronics.

Recommended Server Room Humidity Levels

Temperature is a key consideration, but excessively high or low levels of humidity can also wreak havoc on your servers and everything in your network closet. The current American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers recommend an ambient room humidity of between 40-60% for servers. This helps your electronics run as smoothly as possible and also can extend the longevity of this expensive technology. Shouldn’t you just keep the room as cool and dry as possible? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Getting outside of these parameters can be a costly problem if servers begin failing due to environmental problems. Plus, you could find that you’re spending a great deal of money keeping your server closet cooler than it actually has to be — which can be a big waste of energy, depending on the size of your server room.

Protecting your crucial business equipment starts with proper maintenance and running conditions — just as with any machinery. Larger-scale operations such as data centers have the heavy-duty ambient controls that can maintain servers at the optimal temperature and humidity at all times, but if you’re going it alone it’s important that you have hour-by-hour visibility into the current conditions. Redundancies for humidity and temperature controls are a must, or you risk losing sensitive data and access to your business systems. Ready to offload these server problems to the cloud and focus on your core business? Contact the professionals at Colorado Computer Support at 719-439-0599 today or fill out our quick online contact form.

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