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Published On: January 26, 2015 by Blake Schwank

Colorado Computer Support CEO, Blake Schwank, is attending the 2015 SchoolDude University in Myrtle Beach, SC, from March 15-18. SchoolDude provides innovative solutions that streamline operations. Blake’s goal is to use these to benefit schools in Colorado.

According to Blake:

“CCS embraces SchoolDude Solutions so our clients realize increased productivity and efficiencies, and benefit from technology solutions that make their jobs easier.”

SchoolDude University brings together professionals, like Blake, who want to positively influence the operations of educational institutions, and to:

  • Gain insights to help them save money, improve efficiency, and increase productivity.
  • Connect with leaders in education and learn about proven practices to streamline operations.
  • Learn about SchoolDude products to maximize schools’ technology investments.
  • Discover new ways to recover costs and get the most out of a school’s technology budget.
  • Hear about the latest trends, management techniques, and performance indicators that drive a school’s success.

Are you looking for innovative technology solutions to streamline your school’s operations, increase productivity, and improve efficiencies? Contact Colorado Computer Support at 719.439.0599 or, to learn more about SchoolDude University, and why we’re the best choice for your I.T. needs.

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