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Published On: November 3, 2019 by Blake Schwank

Get the Scoop on Productivity With This Quick Mac Technology Tip

Do you have new Mac users in your business? There’s something that PC users know how to do that can leave a Mac user stumped: the simple mechanism to right-click.  

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How Do You Right Click On A Mac?

Swapping between laptops and desktop computers is no problem for most people. However, ask a Mac user to swap to a PC — or vice versa — and you might have a serious problem on your hands! While many of the commands are the same, there are quite a few differences as well. One of the key productivity tools that PC users appreciate is the ability to right-click on a particular item and learn more about it or launch additional menus. One of the first things that PC users realize is that Macs simply don’t have a right-hand button on their mouse! Fortunately, there is a quick solution that will help PC users keep going without causing a lot of frustration.

Option 1: Use the Two-Finger Method

Do you have a Mac laptop with a touchpad? If so, this tip is super simple for you! All you need to do is touch the keypad with two fingers instead of one, and it will magically work as a right-click. This handy tip will allow you to be much more productive with your day, and help with the transition from PC to Mac.

Option 2: Use Control + Click

Since there is no right-hand button on your Mac mouse, you can easily fake the functionality by holding down the Control (Ctrl) and then clicking. This indicates to your Mac that you want to utilize additional features within the computer. While not quite as quick and easy as using two fingers on a touchpad, the option you select will depend on what type of machine you are using.

Bonus Tech Tip for Email

We hear a lot about the problems people have with missing (or hiding!) emails. If you have a trusted sender whose emails are continually ending up in your Junk or Spam mailboxes, it’s fairly easy to let your email program know that you want this individual’s emails to go directly to your inbox. If you’re using Outlook, simply right click on the email and select “Not Junk”. Gmail users will also select any email from that sender, do the same right-click and then select “Not Spam”. That’s it! Future emails will go directly to your inbox.

At Colorado Computer Support, we are always excited to share simple tips with our clients and the community. We know that technology is challenging, and we’re always on the lookout for ways to simplify — helping your day go more smoothly. Want to see how we can boost the productivity and efficiency for your office? Contact the experts at Colorado Computer Support today at 719-204-6516 or fill out our quick online form to schedule your free initial consultation.

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