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These Quick Tips Will Dramatically Extend Your Laptop Battery

Laptops are notorious for batteries that expire right in the middle of an important activity. Fortunately, there are easy tricks that will help boost your battery life. 

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It never fails: you’re right in the middle of a big project at your favorite local coffee shop and there’s no outlet in sight . . . and you’re watching your laptop battery drain down to dangerous levels while you frantically attempt to save your work before it blinks out of existence forever. Or perhaps you’re at a client’s office presenting a new project and realize that your battery life isn’t going to make it through the entire meeting. That sinking feeling is one that can’t always be avoided, but you can help extend the life of your laptop battery with this simple tip.

Activate Battery Save Mode

Depending on how your laptop was originally set up, there may be some primary settings that will let you eke out a few more minutes of battery time in between charges. One of the best options is to activate battery save mode, and it’s quite simple to get started. You’ll simply click on the battery icon in your lower right-hand toolbar, which pops up a larger menu with a variety of options. Tap or click on “Battery saver” and your laptop will automatically update configurations to help save on battery usage.

What Happens In Battery Save Mode?

It’s good to be aware that one of the ways your computer saves on battery power is by temporarily turning off cloud-based file sharing. You might also notice that your screen becomes a bit dimmer and your performance might take a bit of a hit, too. Having your system move slightly slower may not even be noticeable unless you’re working on some heavy-duty applications. Once you plug your laptop in, you’ll be back to your original speedy settings and brighter screen as long as you’re connected to electricity. Once you unplug your computer or undock it, you might find that the Battery Save mode was retained so be sure to check your settings.

When charging isn’t an option, this tip can help you reduce the drain on your battery and extend the life beyond what you might expect. If you appreciated this tip from Colorado Computer Support, consider subscribing to our YouTube channel for more great information. You can also chat live with our friendly team of service professionals online or contact us at 719-204-6507 to receive a complimentary consultation and review of your business technology. We manage all the heavy lifting with your technology infrastructure so you can focus on growing your business and providing exceptional service to your customers.

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