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Published On: January 27, 2019 by Blake Schwank

When your orthopedics practice has technology that’s not working, you need expert help that can find and fix the issue fast.

That was the plight of a local medical provider that recently contacted Colorado Computer Support. looking for orthopedic IT services. Their desktop computers were not working properly and they worried that there was a virus infecting their equipment.

For health care providers, a computer virus can mean many things: inability to access patient records or schedule appointments, frozen systems held hostage by ransomware or the exposure of protected health information of its patients.

Having an IT partner that understands the concerns and complexities of managing a Colorado orthopedics practice today is essential. At Colorado Computer Support, we deliver reliable orthopedic IT services that keep practices compliant and protected so they can better serve patients.

What Types of Orthopedic IT Services Are Available?

Health care practices face unique IT challenges. You need a solution that offers a comprehensive approach to your IT, from strategic discussions of your IT needs to deployment, maintenance and monitoring of your technology. Here are some of the most common issues we hear about from our health care clients:

  • Lack of in-house IT staff to maintain systems and devices
  • Unpredictable costs for technology expenses
  • Compliance requirements with HIPAA and other mandated regulations
  • Remote access to patient records
  • Providing EMRs and EHRs to our patients
  • Keeping patient medical and personal information protected

Our IT solutions can address all these issues and any practice-specific technical concerns. We act as your virtual chief information officer, providing insights, planning and creating the IT solutions to your most pressing IT challenges. Here’s a closer look at our approach.

  • AnalysisWe start by interviewing you and your staff to understand how you use technology in your practice, looking for opportunities to use new IT approaches to improve your efficiency, productivity and profitability.
  • Risk Assessment. We review your existing IT security plan to develop a comprehensive risk assessment, helping to pinpoint vulnerabilities that need to be addressed to maintain confidentiality and compliance.
  • Solution. We will recommend a managed IT solution that meets your practice’s business objectives and solves your IT issues. Together, we will develop a realistic IT budget and schedule for improving your IT solution, focusing on the most crucial needs first.
  • Deployment. CCS will deploy, install, configure and test your IT solution at each step, making sure there are non-disruptive transitions. We will train your employees to help them get the most out of the new technologies and are comfortable using the new tools and features.
  • Ongoing Support. Think of us as a member of your management team. We will assess and report on the functionality and performance of your IT solution and integrate IT into your practice’s overall business strategy.

What Does an Orthopedic IT Solution Look Like?

Each practice’s needs are different. CCS provides a full suite of IT solutions at a predictable monthly cost. Among the most commonly used solutions by Colorado Springs-area health care practices are:

  • Hosted IT Services. Deploy your software and store your data in the cloud, allowing for greater flexibility and access to information. Our teams manage the installation, updates, patches, upgrades, licensing, maintenance and troubleshooting of your software and devices.
  • Data Backup. Your practice needs reliable, protected backups of your data. With automated backups of medical records and other files, software applications, operating systems and other systems, you can be confident data is available and protected.
  • Paperless Records. Digitization of records and cloud storage helps eliminate paper, allows for better access and frees up office space by eliminating paper clutter and storage.
  • Comprehensive Security. Make sure protected health information (PHI) is secure and that your devices and networks are not compromised by cybercriminals who are increasingly targeting health care companies with attacks.
  • Help-Desk Support. When your employees are having trouble with software and hardware, they need help in the moment. Our round-the-clock help desk provides access via phone, email or a client portal. We use tools that allow for access to your systems and devices remotely, meaning there’s no waiting for a tech to show up.

How Do Orthopedic IT Solutions Help With Compliance?

HIPAA is front of mind for all health care providers and patients. Of equal importance is the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH Act), which has two major components. HITECH requires providers to show they are engaged in “meaningful use” of electronic health records. Providers need to demonstrate they are using EHR technology that is certified and can be measured both qualitatively and quantitatively.

The HITECH Act also mandates that security audits are done to ensure compliance with the privacy and security rules of HIPAA.

CCS is one of Colorado’s only HIPAA-compliant medical IT services companies. We analyze your security procedures and IT systems to ensure they are HIPAA and HITECH compliant and that your practice is prepared for any audits.

We Have Many Different Systems. How Does Managed IT Help Integration?

Practices often need to integrate multiple IT tools. Electronic health records software, practice management software and analytics tools need to be connected to save time and resources and ensure quality patient care. These tools also need to integrate with basic office productivity tools like Word and Excel and with peripheral devices like printers and scanners.

Keeping all these technologies in working order is one thing. Making sure they are connected, sharing data and providing the right information helps improve office efficiency. CCS has extensive experience with the most common medical software tools and has worked with many clients to integrate their software to improve care delivery and quality.

Another common issue is what to do with legacy data from older patient records systems. If your staff is handcuffed by difficulties in accessing legacy patient data, you need a solution that provides for easy access. Stay in compliance, maintain continuity of care and retire older EMR systems with solutions that CCS can deliver fast access to older medical information.

How Do We Ensure Compliance with Mobile Devices?

Orthopedists and other staff often need to access information while away from the office. Our mobile-device services help you develop usage and enforcement policies for mobile devices. Security tools such as enforced encryption, device auto-lock, remote locking or wiping, and per-user authorization keep information protected when employees need remote connectivity.

For nearly two decades, CCS has been delivering high-quality IT services to local health care providers and other businesses. To start your conversation with the top Colorado Springs orthopedic services provider, contact us today for your initial consultation.

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