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NYC 911 System Repeatedly Crashes

System CrashesOn Monday, July 22nd New York City’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) went down repeatedly all day long. Over one hundred calls had to be handled by dispatchers with pencil and paper during the periods of time the system was inoperable. Fortunately, none of the calls were lost.

Israel Miranda, President of Local 2507 of the Uniformed EMT Union reported:

“Of course the city’s gonna say it’s the old EMS system, but we never had any problems like this before until they introduced this new ICAD system, but they spent so much money [$2 billion] on this system they can’t admit that it has problems,” Miranda said.

A Cloud-Based Business Continuity Solution Could Have Helped

Cities both large and small should take a lesson from their tech-savvy businesses and ensure they always have redundant, backup systems installed, implemented and managed by certified IT Managed Service Providers. A cloud-based solution using virtual machines with an alternate ICAD system in place could have been used when the main system went down.

Technology, like anything else in this world will malfunction from time to time.  The key is to prevent it from happening if possible, but when it does, to always have a reliable backup system in place.

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