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IT SecurityAs of January 17, 2013, new enhanced protection mechanisms have been finalized and put into place, protecting US citizens and their health records. This new baseline comes into play for anyone or any organization who handles healthcare information.

The new HIPAA security rules are not to be confused with Meaningful Use, but experts believe that combined, the two may encourage more providers to protect your medical records.

With these new HIPAA security regulations, many US healthcare organizations are working to ensure their medical or healthcare organizations are not at risk. Healthcare organizations are consulting security reviews and their own risk assessments.

One thing that will happen because of these new HIPAA security standards is an increase in HIPAA audits and increased penalties. A number of reported breaches recently shows that government organizations are sending a loud and clear message to the healthcare industry that it is time to comply.

Can your healthcare organization pass a HIPAA audit? When was the last time you had a risk assessment completed ensuring your data security was in order? As your trusted IT partner, we work hard to ensure all your IT security systems are functional and that all your business data is protected.

We work with businesses throughout the region providing IT security services and day-to-day IT support. If our team can help you, please give us a call to arrange a no obligation IT support review.

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