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Healthcare ApplicationsFew people have eidetic memories. When it comes to conversations with patients about health issues, physicians probably wish they had them. More than once a patient or care giver has misunderstood or forgotten an instruction given by a physician and blamed the physician when something went wrong. Physicians will be happy to learn that there’s an app that can minimize if not indeed eliminate that risk completely.

MedXCom, a product of Giffen Solutions, Inc., is a HIPAA-certified app that was designed by three physicians to improve doctor-patient relationships and communications as well as communications between doctors.

The founders state on their website, “We realize that for healthcare practices, the hub of communications is the practice telephone system. By controlling the flow of telecommunications between patients and doctors and other health care providers, communications are combined with relevant medical data, and are made to flow efficiently. Thus, pertinent and critical medical information is made available when it is needed most:  at the time of patient contact.  So, when a patient calls, you will not only see his name and number but also his entire personal health profile right on your smart phone.”

A video on the site demonstrates how a physician can visit the MedXCom portal and recover past recordings of conversations, complete with transcripts. This will reduce the risk of a physician’s being caught in a legal battle where it’s the patient’s word against the doctor’s. But there are other benefits to the app. Doctors can share patient medical records, order prescriptions for patients and make answering services completely unnecessary.

The MedXCom app is free and available for download from Apple and Google.

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