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Published On: June 10, 2017 by Blake Schwank

Does your business depend heavily on Apple systems like macOS and iOS? Do you manage a lot of data and customer connections with these platforms? Then you need to know about the Casper Suite, a set of tools designed to help manage professional Apple system setups and security. Let’s take a look at what Casper is, what it does, and what Casper certification means when looking at IT services and experience.

Casper Certification

A Quick History of the Casper Suite

Casper is the traditional name for this Apple platform management software, so it’s still commonly used among businesses and the IT industry for clarification. However, the software has since been rebranded at Jamf Pro after Jamf, the company that manages the software. When you hear people talking about Casper or Jamf Pro, they are referring to the same thing, and we expect the name Casper to eventually be phased out completely.

Down to Details: The Casper Suite

Okay, but what is the Casper Suite exactly? It’s a software management system that can be loaded onto macOS and iOS devices. It has two primary parts: The agent/MDM software that’s loaded onto the device itself, and the management server cluster from which the software is managed.

Once installed, the software checks back with the servers regularly – this takes a little memory, but allows for extremely consistent monitoring. Any updates or changes that administrators want to make are made at the server level and then implemented by devices. Casper reaches into several important areas, including Apple security, updates, and new software. Note that Casper does not read personal data, or take personal data and put it somewhere else – it’s not really about interference, but far more about keeping computers updated, compliant with any necessary regulation, and secure against current threats.

The Bottom Line Advantages of Casper

Security and compliance are the major advantages of using the Casper system. However, via the server system, a number of additional features can be added to customize Casper for more in-depth types of control and management. You can add printer management, integrate plugs to management multiple types of data at once, keep a watch on licenses for individual pieces of software, and much more.

While this is obviously ideal for those who want to run an Apple-friendly BYOD business, there are a lot of additional applications too. Nonprofits, schools, and other organizations where Apple devices are common need a way to guarantee a certain level of certain, the Casper Suite allows this while still being flexible enough to work many different types of software and tasks.

Casper Certification Options

Because of the flexibility of Casper implementation, it can quickly become a complex system and difficult to fully manage without experience in the suite’s capabilities and limitations. That’s why Jamf offers three different types of certification for Casper/Jamf Pro. If you are interested in managing devices via Casper and are looking for an external partner, make absolutely sure that the services provide evidence of at least one of these certifications. Note that they are additive, each representing the next level of training.

  • CCT (Certified Casper Technician): This certification focuses on an introduction to Apple Services and basic techniques for deployment, including building the right content based on company goals for both macOS and iOS. It’s a lot of important ground-level work and shows skill in active maintenance and implementation.
  • CCA (Certified Casper Administrator): This administrator course focuses on advanced security options where multiple aspects of security must be juggled. It provides training in more complex implementations where workflow and data inventories must be managed and automated as much as possible to increase efficiency.
  • CCE (Certified Casper Expert): This training provides the tools to develop full Casper solutions and customized deployments based on unique business goals. It includes plenty of scripting and peer reviews that examine created systems.

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