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Support for Windows XP ends on April 8, 2014.
What does this mean for your organization? What steps do you need to take?

After the support end date, security patches and hot fixes will become unavailable for all Windows XP users. This basically means that if you are running software such as Office 2003 or Quickbooks on Windows XP, there will no longer be support for any issues after the April 8, 2014 date.

Windows XP end of life could open IT security concerns for your business.

In addition to the lack of user support, continued use of Windows XP can cause problems related to internal network security, regulatory compliance and exposure of secure data and other important business information. Most software providers do not plan on extending support for applications running on Windows XP, which can bring even more complexity and added costs for your business.

When it comes to technology, accepting change is often difficult for many business owners. Windows XP has been a great operating system, but end of support essentially makes it no longer practical to keep. April 8, 2014 is still a year away but now is the right time to start planning ahead. Our team takes a proactive approach to addressing the needs of our current and prospective clients. Our technology experts can offer guidance on the proper steps for ensuring a safe and well-functioning computing environment beyond Windows XP. Whether or not your organization needs to replace current PC’s may depend on how long they have been in use. More recent Windows XP devices with Windows 7 capabilities can be rebuilt and upgraded without a new license.

The perception within some small businesses is that upgrading from Windows XP is too expensive and unnecessary for their needs, but implementing organization-wide change is not as costly as you might think and will cut risk of future technology problems. Your IT service team offers guidance and will help you develop a plan to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 or even Windows 8.

Contact us today to get up to speed on the different options available for upgrading from Windows XP.  As your trusted IT service team our goal is to make sure you have the right technology for your business.

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