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Published On: November 12, 2018 by Blake Schwank

Text messaging is a great way to reach your friends, family and work associates. However, this mode of communication lacks the warmth of face-to-face communication and the ability to write at length as you can in an email. Did you ever wish you could add a little personality to your text messages? With iPhone’s new animation capabilities, you can add fireworks, confetti and more to your Apple device text messages.

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How to animate your iPhone text messages

It’s easy to animate your iPhone text messages and add a little personality and excitement to your communications. To do this, simply type your message into the message box and press down on the screen. You’ll get a menu of animation options from which to choose. You can opt to animate the message itself or the screen surrounding the message. Options include confetti, fireworks, bubbles and more. When you’ve picked the effect you want, you can preview how your text will look to your recipient before you hit “send”. It’s that easy.

Other computer management tips for your home office

1. Keep your computer cords from falling behind your desk. If you’ve ever dropped a cord behind your desk, you know how “icky” it can be to retrieve it from the sea of cobwebs and other items lurking back there. One great way to avoid this is to use binder clips to attach your cords to your desk. To do this, clip the binder clip to the edge of the desk, take off the “wings” and insert the cord inside the “wings” before reattaching them to the clip. This way, when you unplug your cord from the computer, it will still be attached to the desk and not fall behind, out of sight.

2. Camouflage your power cord. Another tip that will help make your desk area look less cluttered is to hide your power strip in a shoe box that you’ve covered with fabric or contact paper. To give you access to the cords, you can poke holes in the side of the box and finish the holes with grommets.

3. Shorten your cables. Most people have much longer computer cables than they really need. After all, most of the time you only need to go from your desk to the floor. Avoid the cord clutter by using plastic cord winders (available at most hardware stores).

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