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Published On: July 9, 2019 by Blake Schwank

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The last decade has seen an explosion in the use of networking in businesses. From high-traffic websites to data storage and business applications, businesses are utilizing more bandwidth than ever before. If you are noticing that your business’s connections are slower than they have been in the past, it may be time to do a quick speed test and determine whether you’re in need of an upgrade. There are a lot of factors that could cause the speed of your connection to be reduced, including poor computer or server memory levels, low-quality cabling or a simple need for more bandwidth. Here’s a quick check that will help you troubleshoot your slow connections.

Run a Quick Speed Test

Confused about what “fast” means when it comes to your internet connection? When you go to and hit the big “Go” button, you’ll quickly see both the upload and download speeds that you’re experiencing at your office. There are two different components of connection speed: upload and download. While there aren’t any set numbers that will work for all businesses, generally a larger business with upwards of 20 people connecting will need at least a 1 Gbps plan with your internet carrier. Your local business IT services professionals can help you determine whether you’re getting the full benefit of the connectivity that you’re paying for.

Is Your Cabling High-Speed Internet Ready?

If you determine that you’re not quite getting the speed that you would expect, it’s time to start troubleshooting where the problem is occurring. If your building is on the older side, the biggest issue may be with the cabling that is connecting your business machines to the internet. There are several different types of internet cables that are targeted for carrying different types of data. For instance, you may find fiber optic, cable and DSL lines that carry high-speed internet to your business. However, the cabling inside your business connecting your routers and servers is every bit as important as the structure of the cables coming into and leaving your building when it comes to speed.

Do Your Computers Need an Upgrade?

While you may not need to purchase all new computers, if your machines are a few years old it may be time to update the memory. This is often the problem with older computers or with newer businesses that purchased a relatively low-end machine to save money as they’re getting started. As time goes on, the internet speed requirements of your business can grow dramatically, and either upgrading your current machines or looking for cost-effective new alternatives can help you take advantage of the high-speed internet available today.

Are you struggling with slow internet or computers that are continually having problems? Contact the professionals at Colorado Computer Support today at 719-439-0599 to learn more or fill out our quick online form for a free initial consultation. Our team is always looking for ways to reduce the stress associated with your business technology by providing you with the proactive level of support that you deserve.

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