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Healthcare IT SupportCloud computing has become an inevitable part of doing business in most industries. The health care industry has been slow to adopt cloud computing solutions for various reasons, such as HIPAA and other regulations regarding patients’ privacy.  For those health care organizations that are ready adopt cloud solutions, there are some guidelines that could help make the transition more pleasant than traumatic.

Below are the top five dos and don’ts that chief technology officers and other health care IT professionals should keep in mind before transitioning to the cloud:

Do educate yourself – Cloud computing is a complicated world with myriad solutions. Not every solution is right for every organization, regardless of industry. So, learn about cloud computing and all of its pluses and minuses BEFORE considering how it could work for your health care facility.

Don’t believe the hype – If you’re going to enlist the aid of a managed IT services provider (MSPs), beware of the ones that try to convince you that there is such a thing as a “one size fits all” cloud solution. That isn’t true. Businesses are as unique as snowflakes, and quality MSPs will recommend solutions with your organization’s specific needs in mind. It helps if you choose an MSP that specializes in working with health care organizations.

Do take your time – Moving to the cloud should be a gradual process. It takes time to transfer data, and it also takes time for people to get used to new ways of doing things. By making the transition in a slow, step-by-step process, you make it easier to spot and resolve issues before they become problems that are require expensive and time consuming to solutions.

Don’t hesitate – Although your organization’s transition to the cloud should be gradual, you it’s a good idea to start taking steps toward cloud adoption as soon as possible. Again, consulting with an MSP that specializes in catering to the needs of health care organizations could help you decide which cloud solutions will work best for your health care facility.

Do establish policies and training – Your organization’s transition to the cloud will probably include some type of mobility solution, so take the time to establish guidelines and training to ensure that employees understand what behaviors are and are not acceptable when it comes to using mobile devices for work.

Cloud computing can benefit the health care industry as much as it does any other. Health care IT professionals can make the transition to the cloud easier for their particular organizations by educating themselves about the cloud and then looking at the many benefits it could provide.

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