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Published On: January 12, 2019 by Blake Schwank

Wireless Networking Problems Cause Frustration For Local Colorado Springs Gym

Your local gym is a favorite place to work out, with as many as 300 to 400 people exercising at once. Unfortunately, the WiFi is not reliable when it hits a peak of about 300 people.

This leads to frustration and even anger as users find their calls are dropped, their music is cut off and they can’t also check their email. This is why a local gym in Colorado Springs reached out for help to our Colorado Springs Wireless Networking Group to try to figure out what is available and if they can find a way to supply WiFi to hundreds of customers at once.

The Modern Gym Needs Reliable WiFi

As a business, a gym needs to let its current and potential customers know that there is free WiFi available for use while visiting the facility. The first, most obvious reason is that it’s 2019 and customers expect it. Nobody leaves their phone at home anymore, and people are more likely to be comfortable in a place that respects that.

Most people have a limited number of hours in the day, with many even working out on lunch hours or before clocking in for the day. A gym particularly is a place which people go to while on the move. Exercising is a routine which people fit into their lives, and people don’t want to have to slow down to check messages. Almost everything is online now, from calendars to messages to entertainment.

People Stay Longer Where They Have WiFi

Many business owners may be worried about the people who will come to use the WiFi and not use the business. That is a smaller worry at a gym, where visitors already probably have a membership. But studies show that people who have reliable WiFi will stay longer, with about half of them spending more money as well1.

Even if the members have a set monthly price, most fitness centers have higher levels and many other products. If you want your customers to slow down and see what you are offering, they are more likely to if they can hang out on your WiFi with no hassle.

A Personal Workout Buddy

It’s hard to find someone who has the same schedule and the same fitness needs. A lot of the people who get their best workouts at the gym are used to choosing their entertainment which helps them to work out more efficiently.

Someone on the elliptical might be streaming an audiobook or watching a show, and runners are known for creating high energy playlists which get them to the top of their energy level. There are also podcasts and other media available if the user has access to robust and reliable WiFi. A smartphone is more than just a way to make calls; it’s that friend we can always bring with us to keep us entertained while we’re waiting or doing something else.

Fitness Apps Need Reliable WiFi

Whatever kind of workout you like best, you probably know the benefits of tracking your progress. You can hold yourself accountable if you check in every day, and get updates to let you know when you need to move up a level.

Apple and Android apps offer many ways to track individual workouts and save information. You can even keep track of how many pounds you are currently lifting for each kind of exercise, and other information that makes working out easier. It’s easier to make progress when the information is so easy to access.

Employee fitness programs often have their apps or allow certain apps for employee credit. If the gym doesn’t have WiFi, those employees won’t be able to get credit for working out. Some of them will lose out on health insurance discounts, prizes or even cash.

Free Advertisement

When you set up your WiFi name, you can put your business name and say that it’s free. This means that even people passing by outside will notice your business, as your company name turns up in available WiFi hotspots.

People who are already in the area are more likely to frequent your fitness center anyway, as one of the biggest obstacles to working out is so often being able to get there on a regular basis. Once people find out you have free, reliable WiFi, they are more likely to sign up at your location.

It’s What They Want

Whether or not you agree, people spend most of their waking hours attached to their cell phones. They’re like lifelines, and friends and family expect that they can reach loved ones quickly now that mobile phones are so small and convenient.

It’s Your Brand

When people see your business name come up as they log onto your WiFi, they recognize who you are and what you do. Your login page lets them know what you offer and gives them information on how to take advantage of your facility and its other offerings.

Especially when your gym is tens of thousands of square feet, your customers will notice when you can give them what they want and need. You can be as innovative as you want, creating your fitness apps or providing a guide so fitness center users can do their best. People who manage to lose weight or get into better shape will credit the facility that helped them.

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