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The 8 Advantages of Setting Up a Segregated Guest Wi-Fi.

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A guest Wi-Fi is generally set up so visitors to an office can access the Internet or email via their mobile devices.  However, some companies neglect to do this, and trust those who come into their office to use their business Wi-Fi network.  This can result in a confidential data breach, whether innocent or intended.

For this reason, it’s essential for the security of your organization’s data that you segregate your business Wi-Fi from your Guest Wi-Fi.  This means, setting them up on separate networks with different SSID or network names.  This way, visitors such as clients, patients or vendors can conveniently use the Internet in a safe manner without accessing your data.

What are the advantages of segregating Guest and Business Wi-Fi networks?

  1. The main advantage of doing this is that guests will be locked out of not only your network, but the rest of your devices like network printers, network attached storage devices, shared files, and other private network devices.
  2. It also increases your security by preventing guests from downloading malware that could infect your network. This is essential because sophisticated viruses like Trojans can enter your network via a guest’s laptop or other mobile device and destroy it.
  3. When password-protecting your guest network, those sitting outside your office won’t be logging on and using up your bandwidth. Plus, you can easily change this password as needed.
  4. And where bandwidth is concerned, you can also limit the amount of bandwidth on your guest Wi-Fi network so people aren’t using it to download large files, or stream movies. This is important as well, because you want to save this bandwidth for your employees.
  5. If a guest downloads something illegal (like child pornography) it won’t show up on your business network. So, when the FBI come to visit, you won’t have so much explaining to do.
  6. With a separate guest network, you can shut it down without affecting your business network.
  7. You can also implement a “key” unique to guests that times out after a specific number of hours or minutes. This keeps “guests” from using your Wi-Fi long after they’ve left your office.
  8. Setting up guest WiFi access makes your business seem friendlier to visitors, and it also shows visiting clients that you’re serious about network security—Something that should surely impress them.

Now that we’ve convinced you to set up at Guest Wi-Fi for your business, what about for your home office? (You surely don’t want the kids visiting your son or daughter getting into your business or personal data via your home Wi-Fi, right?)

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