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Maintain Their High Level of Performance Over the Years – Giving You Total Reliability & Cost-Efficiency While Enhancing Teaching Capabilities & Student Engagement!

Interested in enhancing collaboration and increasing information accessibility for your students and faculty members? As educational institutions continue to evolve in terms of technology usage and compliance requirements, one new and exciting option is to move from the traditional PC to the innovative Google Chromebook. Fortunately, Colorado Computer Support can help you leverage the latest in classroom technology! To learn more, give us a call at 719.439.0599 or send us an email at 

When you’re interested in enhancing collaboration and increasing information accessibility for your students and faculty members, look no further than our team of IT experts! As a certified Google Chrome Management Provider, we’re able to help you leverage Google Chromebooks to operate more efficiently as an educational institution. In fact, we offer:

  • Procurement & Implementation: We’re able to help you procure and implement Google Chromebooks in a cost-efficient and timely manner – without excessive downtime.
  • Guidance & Support: We’re able to help you set up and manage users, apps, and policies throughout classrooms while offering on-site support to simplify the rollout.

Colorado Computer Support’s expertise with rapidly changing education technology will enable you to get the greatest benefit from Google Chromebooks. With Chromebooks, you’re guaranteed to benefit from:

  • Cost-Efficiency: Google Chromebooks are reasonably priced, and as the years progress, usage won’t have a negative impact on performance, so they’ll work as well as they did when you first purchased them.
  • Productivity: Google Chromebooks integrates seamlessly with Google Apps, a suite of productivity tools including Gmail, Drive, Docs, and more, to help students & teachers collaborate while maintaining productivity.
  • Speed: Google Chromebooks offer a higher level of speed – with a boot time of 4 – 10 seconds and instant power-on from sleep mode, there’s no need to worry about losing productivity time as a result of slow performance.
  • Reliability: Google Chromebooks run on ChromeOS, a Linux-based operating system, to offer an incomparable level of reliability. As there’s no need to install standard applications, the risk of malware infections decreases.

Our team of IT experts has worked with a wide range of educational institutions, so you’re able to feel confident knowing we’re capable of helping you reach your goals of operational efficiency and enhanced student experience.

Ready to leverage the latest in educational technology? Give us a call at 719.439.0599 or send us an email at Colorado Computer Support is the leading IT support company for educational institutions along the Front Range, Including Pueblo, Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Castle Rock, Denver, Lakewood and Boulder. We also support the Western Slope, including Grand Junction and Glenwood Springs.

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