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Take Advantage of Google Chromebooks and Find Out What Makes 1 in 5 School Districts in the US Choose Google Chromebooks Over Traditional Desktop PCs! 

In Colorado, the education industry is struggling to deal with some significant challenges at the moment. Why? In the simplest terms, the industry is competing with other government-subsidized industries, such as the transportation industry, the healthcare industry, and the prison industry, for much needed tax dollars.

Fortunately, there’s no need to skimp out on your information technology! In fact, Google Chromebooks offer an affordable, much more efficient alternative to traditional desktop PCs! Interested in leveraging the latest in classroom technology without breaking the bank? Contact Colorado Computer Support at 719.439.0599 or send us an email at

As schools continue to struggle as a result of declining state subsidies for education, many schools are looking for more innovative and affordable ways to enhance collaboration, increase reliability, and improve information accessibility for their students and faculty members.

Colorado Computer Support is an Authorized Google Chrome Management Provider to Help You Enhance Teaching Capabilities & Student Engagement Through the Use of Google Chromebooks!

When you’re looking to enhance teaching capabilities and student engagement, there’s a simple solution: Google Chromebooks are designed to offer the latest in education technology – from the affordable price to the educational applications to the ease of use, schools can achieve a wide range of benefits.

Google Chromebooks Are More Than Innovative Education Technology – They’re Also Great for Businesses Looking to Reduce Costs While Achieving a Higher Level of Performance & Reliability!

While Google Chromebook is the preferred choice for 1 in 5 school districts in the US, Google Chromebooks also offer a wide range of benefits to businesses! In fact, schools and businesses alike will benefit from:

  • Speed: A boot time of 4 – 10 seconds and instant power-on from sleep mode enables you to maintain productivity and efficiency throughout the day.
  • Affordability: As the years progress, usage doesn’t have a negative impact on performance, resulting in less IT support and maintenance fees.
  • Productivity: Google Apps suite of productivity tools, including Gmail, Drive, Docs, and more, enables a higher level of productivity than ever before!

What are you waiting for? Many schools and businesses trust Colorado Computer Support to help them purchase, implement, and support Google Chromebooks for enhanced speed, affordability, and productivity. To learn more, give us a call at 719.439.0599 or send us an email at

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