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Road TripStay connected and organized, whether you’re going on a road trip to the next state or a transatlantic flight. From luggage to world-compatible phones and entertainment, here’s a list of the best gadgets, tools, and essentials for any business trip; domestic or abroad.

Grid-it (Organization System)

Often, travelers carry a wide variety of gadgets and tools that are tossed around inside their luggage by airport baggage handlers. With grid-it, a simple organization system, dozens of elastic bands hold your devices firmly inside of your suitcase. For extra storage, this slim organization system features a rear zippered pocket.

Travelon Luggage Tags (Organization)

Most air travelers have experienced the hassle of finding luggage as it rolls along the pick-up belt. To simplify this experience, use a unique-looking travel tag! When your bags roll along the conveyer belt, you’ll notice these bright and colorful tags.

Universal Plug Adapters  (Power Accessory)

Are you traveling to a different country? You’ll want to obtain a number of plug adapters, so your power cords can plug-and-play immediately. Make sure you buy at least two adapters for the country you’re going to, so your phone and laptop can charge simultaneously.

Logic USB Power Cubes (USB Power Adapters)

This power outlet plug-in offers a single USB charger point, which is handy because most devices are USB powered. Laptop owners will love these ultra-compact wall outlets, which include fold-up prongs for storage when not in use.

Innergie PocketCell (Phone Battery Pack)

With additional power accessories such as this pocket-sized device, smartphone users will be able to benefit from a fully charged phone all day long. Not only does this accessory keep your smartphone charged for the entire day, but the fast charging capability and a “magic cable” included allow for charging of the three most popular devices available; including micro-USB, mini-USB, and the 30-pin iPhone connector.

Brookstone HDMI Pocket-Sized Projector (Pocket Projector)

Surprise presentation? This pocket projector is the perfect gadget, with 1080p high-definition video up to 60-inches diagonally and connectivity to all HDMI-based devices. In addition, this device has the ability to run for up to two hours on a single charge, including dual built-in speakers. You can even use this pocket sized projector to play games from your smartphone!

Google Chromecast (Video Streamer)

Even on a business trip, we need to be entertained in our hotel room. Google Chromecast is a cheap, USB based device that allows you to stream video content from your smartphone or laptop using Wi-Fi connections. It also plugs into most modern TVs equipped with USB ports, with your smartphone acting as the remote control.

Canon PowerShot SX260 HS (Point-and-Shoot Camera)

One of the best cameras available, Canon’s point-and-shoot camera is well suited for every kind of photographer, whether you’re casually taking pictures at a family event or in an advanced, professional setting. While the battery life isn’t great, this camera has incredible photo and video quality due to its 12-megapixel CMOS sensor.

Joby GorillaPod (Camera Tripod)

If you’d rather use your smartphone as a camera, you’ll require a good, reliable and flexible stand. With the GorillaPod stand, you’re able to angle your phone at any angle, and use the flexible tripod legs to wrap around objects. This tripod is simple to set up and use. It’s all about capturing that special moment in a hands-free way!

Timbuk2 Copilot Roller (Luggage)

Complete with wet and dry storage compartments, this compact yet expansive roll-on luggage bag is perfect for airline check-in requirements. Going on a short-haul trip? Use this light and durable luggage.

Kensington AbsolutePower (Power Accessory)

Many people forget about power when they’re traveling far away. With this accessory, your devices, including laptops and USB-powered devices will remain charged with up to 100 watts of power. It’s compact, and comes in a wide variety of detachable adapters with the ability to power up a range of devices, such as smartphones and iPhones, as well as almost every brand of laptop available.

Nokia 301 (World-Compatible Phone)

Traveling abroad? A phone that works with a foreign SIM card will allow you to make phone calls and access the Internet in a cheaper manner. While this phone looks like an updated version of a typical Nokia cellphone, it’s light and simple to use; as well as quad-band for multi-nation use. The Nokia 301 can reach speeds of up to 3.5G.

EatSmart Precision Voyager (Luggage Scales)

Many of us go over the border and return with some gifts or additional purchases. With this luggage scale, you can ensure you’re not going over your luggage weight limits. They’re lightweight and accurate, so you’ll always be within airline guidelines.

Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2 (Tablet Keyboard Accessory)

A lot of travelers are trading their bulky laptops for tablets, however, one of the biggest disadvantages is not having access to a keyboard. Kensington’s KeyFolio is universal and removable, for most 10-inch devices. In addition, the keyboard is compatible with most Android devices and powered by Bluetooth, including a stand to ensure the perfect angle.

Sennheiser MM70s (In-Ear Headphones)

These universal 3.5 mm fit headphones will block out noise, allowing for deep bass and vibrant music with a majority of smartphones, laptops, and tablets. These in-ear headphones also come with an inline remote for volume control.

Kindle Paperwhite (E-Reader)

Readers will absolutely love Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite, which is easy to use and has the ability to hold hundreds of e-books in a tiny and compact e-ink display. On battery, the Kindle Paperwhite lasts a few days, as long as the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity is turned off.

iPod Touch (Entertainment Device)

The recent 2012 fifth-gen iPod touch is essentially a thinner iPad for your pocket. The iPod touch includes a 4-inch high-resolution display, as well as clear audio quality and a sharp display. The $299 low price is an added benefit to this entertainment device.

Apple Airport Express (Wi-Fi Networking)

When you need to connect multiple devices to one place, the Apple Airport Express is fantastic and ideal. It’s simple to use, tapping into existing Wi-Fi networks as a single device, so when you’re at a hotel, you only pay once. In addition, multiple other devices can tap into your own private network. Keep your devices in sync while saving on costs!

Don’t Forget Your Passport!

This is easily the most important item to bring on any trip, don’t ever forget your passport, as you won’t get very far without it!

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