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Published On: June 12, 2018 by Blake Schwank

Colorado is full of healthcare clinics, practices, research centers, and hospital facilities that do outstanding work every day.

Is our healthcare system perfect?

Of course not, of but the vast majority of the people involved in caring for the sick and vulnerable of our society are good people that are doing an admirable job.


They care about people.

That’s why demographics matter.

It’s about making medicine, protocols, and the system works better for everyone involved.

By extracting demographic and other data from eMDs Electronic Health Records, health professionals can spot trends and track statistics that will lead to advancements – helping all the people of Colorado live healthier lives.

The Extraction And Use Of Demographic Data Is A Three-Step Process.

  • Step #1 – Extract

This work is done by IT support professionals such as the staff of CCS in Colorado Springs. By working within your current EHR systems (like eMDs) and leveraging filtering delivered through specialized tools, CCS can provide your organization with the statistics you need to make the decisions that will impact the future of medicine in our state.

  • Step #2 – Share

The advantage of having large amounts of filtered, anonymous data is that you can now securely share it with your marketing department, your financial department – even research facilities looking for statistics for their research models. The cybersecurity experts of CCS will help you ensure that you are in compliance with Meaningful Use HIPAA requirements AND enable you to share demographic data that will help others get a broader picture of the healthcare scenario here in Colorado and by extension, the nation.

  • Step #3 – Integrate

The integration step is where you turn the data pulled from eMDs EHR into visualized, actionable data that makes a difference in your organization and the lives of the people you serve. By taking the thousands of points of data that your organization creates every hour and transforming it into visualizations, you can pull insights that will transform the way you do business, the way you allocate your staff and materials, as well as the way you deliver treatment to your patients.

For those that are not as familiar with the terms, let’s take a step back and look at some definitions.

What is eMDs?

eMDs is a company that offers a number of solutions to the healthcare market. eMDs LinkedIn profile says it best.

“eMDs is a leading provider of healthy solutions for healthy patients and healthly providers. We offer integrated electronic health records, practice management software, revenue cycle management solutions, and credentialing services for physician practices and enterprises.”

For the purposes of this article, we are going to focus on the electronic health records solution that is offered by eMDs. Reference to eMDs from this point will be in regard to their EHR solution.

What data can be extracted from eMDs?

  • Provider
  • Social History
  • Vitals
  • Transactions
  • Medical History
  • Medications
  • Demographics
  • Appointments
  • Encounters
  • Charges
  • Immunizations
  • Labs
  • Diagnosis
  • Procedures
  • Allergies

What Are Demographics?

Demographics is a narrow field of statistics that deals with those data points that define a population. Demographics explore things such as population density, employment status, accident rates, lifestyle factors, income brackets, gender, age, ethnicity, etc.

Demographics data points can be as simple as birthdate, address, phone number, email address. Each of these elements gives researchers and business leaders information about the population that they serve.

Is Extracting Demographics from eMDs expensive?

The process doesn’t have to be cost prohibitive. As in any endeavor, the expense is related to the complexity of the system, the data involved, and what data points need to be pulled from the EHRs. Very often, savings derived from the insights gained by extracting data, visualizing trends, and implementing changes can offset or exceed the cost of the extraction.

Why Should Your Colorado Health Organization be Using Demographics Extracted from eMDs EHR?

We’ve talked about some of the broader benefits to an organization and to medical research, but what can extracted data do for your organization?

  • Targeted Initiatives – Knowing what issues your patients and your community are facing (by more than anecdotal evidence) allows you to funnel resources toward critical initiatives.
  • Tailored Staff Enrichment – Understanding your staff, their makeup, and the statistics of their workflow help you put together staffing plans that get the job done and also enable them to have job safety and satisfaction.
  • Patient Communications – Learning how the people coming to your healthcare facility communicate is Communications methods change from year to year as technology advances. Answer these questions: What social media platform is your target audience using? What language are they comfortable in speaking and writing? Are they using email? Are paper flyers effective for them? What about direct mail? How many are using direct messaging apps? How many have telephones at home?
  • Lower Barriers to Healthy Living – Getting a grasp on the numbers that define the life of the patients you serve will help you to introduce the healthy living choices that they are most likely to accept.
  • Build a Better Working Relationship Between Staff and Management – “They just don’t get where we’re coming from!” – We’ve heard it from behind the executive’s desk, and we’ve heard the same line from healthcare workers. Why? Because the two sides sometimes just don’t understand each other. This communication gap can be closed when leadership has the data they need to see the nuances of what their workers face on a day-to-day basis.
  • Work Toward a Safer and Healthier Working Environment – Every organization needs a “tune-up” every now and then. By using statistics and demographic information, organizational leadership can make the choices that will change the working environment for the better.

The Advantage of Demographics – Everyone Counts!

When blind studies are conducted, more accurate results are tabulated.


Because statistics count everyone.

In a statistical survey that is set up properly, everyone has a voice, and every voice is equal. Sure, the “voices” are anonymous data, but still, each “vote” is counted and taken into the whole of consideration.

This is why statistical information is so much better than anecdotal evidence.

Having demographic data from the breadth of individuals represented in your eMDs database allows you to discover before-hidden insights about the majority of individuals as well as overlooked but important facts about minority groups you serve.

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