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Published On: June 22, 2015 by Blake Schwank


When a public school board found its technology infrastructure and in-house IT support team had a failing grade, it turned to Colorado Computer Support to help it reach the top of the class

Colorado Springs Edaucation IT ServicesNo one would argue about the importance of providing academic excellence to grow young minds and the role technology plays nowadays in the pursuit of higher knowledge. But educating thousands of students from kindergarten through to secondary school requires much more than pencils, paper, and textbooks. Technology plays a major role in the curriculums of schools but it can be cost-prohibitive to maintain a secure IT infrastructure for faculty, staff, and students.

Like countless other school boards across the nation, James Irwin Charter Schools in Colorado Springs, Colorado, was facing mounting IT costs, and challenges with its infrastructure that its small internal IT team couldn’t solve.

About six months ago in a bid to reduce its operating expenditures and improve its IT support and services, the institution opted to move away from having an internal IT team by partnering with Colorado Computer Support (CCS).

“Technology plays a big part of what we do. We need a great company to help us manage that. We have typical office-related technology needs such as networked printing, email, and maintaining faculty, staff, and student workstations,” said Alex Marquez, Principal, James Irwin Charter Schools. “Most of our high school teachers use software when they teach like PowerPoint, and there’s a community hard drive they share to save their lesson plans and notes on students’ progress.”

The situation: James Irwin Charter Schools required a results-oriented IT support team to ensure its faculty, staff, and students had secured access to shared software and hardware resources and the Internet.

“Things we needed to get done weren’t getting done in a timely fashion. We didn’t have the people that were fully trained technicians in order to meet our technology challenges,” he said. “We initially hired a couple of people to be our in-house IT team, but they just got buried with varying demands placed on them.”

The CCS solution: Deliver vastly improved IT support and services including onsite support, proactive management and monitoring of its network and server infrastructure, and establish secured virtualized storage and software.

For a time, Marquez worked in the technology industry, and one thing he noticed back then was a lot of people working in the industry weren’t very good at interacting with humans.

“They were quite rude to people in need of IT support,” he said. “One thing that was noticeable from the get-go with CCS was every member of that team is service-oriented, and is excellent interacting with our staff. They’re competent technicians and they are friendly and open to receiving questions.”

When asked how he would describe the CCS team, and if he would recommend the managed service provider to other school administrators or businesses, he gave CCS a glowing review.

“The folks at CCS are responsive, professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Their collective level of expertise is wide. They have the experts on staff to deal with whatever issue arises and they address those issues efficiently,” Marquez said. “These guys are awesome. Give them a shot, and you’ll be very happy with the level of service you get.”

Since 2001, Colorado Computer Support has been the premier IT services and support team serving private businesses and healthcare and education institutions across Colorado. Are you looking to partner with an innovative and collaborative IT team to manage your technology assets affordably? Talk to us. Call us now at (719) 355-2440 or email us directly at

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