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Don’t Skip This Simple Step to Secure Your Computer Before Walking Away

You don’t have to wait for tech support to keep your computer safe. As long as you follow this quick tip, you’re helping protect sensitive business data.  

Identity theft is a major problem in the US today, and part of that could be due to people not taking the time to complete a few common-sense steps to help them stay safe online. Updating your password, maintaining active antivirus and anti-malware monitoring and checking any links before you click them are all suggestions that you likely hear on a regular basis. However, did you know that there’s an even simpler step that you can take that will reduce the chances that your identity — or important business information — will be stolen directly from your PC?

Dangers of Leaving Computers Open

Whether you’re working in your business systems or have a personal website pulled up on your computer, chances are there’s some information on your screen that doesn’t need to be shared with others. Office buildings are extremely busy, and it’s not unusual to have extra vendors or contractors walking through your area. If you have an open office concept as many businesses do these days, it’s all-too-easy for someone to hop on an open computer and grab confidential information in a matter of seconds. You’ve probably seen this happen on dozens of spy movies, but it happens in real life as well.

Keeping Your Computer Secure

Fortunately, keeping your computer secure only takes a few seconds. Most business machines are set to automatically lock after a certain number of minutes of inactivity, requiring users to input their password before they can unlock the computer and begin working again. Even if you have this timer set within your computer, it’s crucial that you lock your computer every time you step away — even if it’s just long enough to grab a cup of coffee or say hi to a friend. This is certainly the case when you’re stepping away for a longer period of time such as overnight or over the weekend. It’s very easy to get your computer locked, but you will need to remember to take the actions each time you step away. Simply hold down the “Windows” key and then tap “L”, and your computer is secure!

Staying secure online is everyone’s job, but there is a level of support that you need for advanced cybersecurity protection. Contact the IT support experts at Colorado Computer Support today at 719-439-0599 to learn more about how you can encourage staff members to take simple steps every day that will make a difference in the quality of your business security. If you’re considering outsourcing your IT support, download our complimentary report to see how to get started.

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