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Published On: November 11, 2019 by Blake Schwank

You Won’t Believe How Easy It Is to Capture Your Computer Screen

Are you struggling to grab an image from your PC or Mac screen? You’re in luck — these tips will get you back in business in no time flat!    

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Whether you’re preparing a training document or PowerPoint slide, there are dozens of times a week that it would be helpful to grab a quick image from your computer screen. The digital version of hitting the print button to capture your PC or Mac screen doesn’t exactly work flawlessly, but there is another great way to grab just the image that you want to use with only a few clicks. This productivity hack is one that you’re sure to use repeatedly in your daily work!

How to Capture An Image on Your PC Screen

If you’re looking for a single button that you can press on your keyboard or a magic shortcut on your desktop, you’re probably out of luck. Fortunately, finding the screen capture for your PC option is still quite straightforward:

  • Have the image you want to capture pulled up on your screen
  • From your Windows search, type in ‘Snipping Tool’ (You can access the Windows search by hitting the Windows key once)
  • You’ll see your screen “frost” a bit, as if the screen was being greyed out
  • Select ‘New Snip’ from the Snipping Tool menu
  • Using your left mouse button, draw a box or rectangle to select the area that you wish to capture
  • Choose how you want to store the captured image — saving it into a file, copying to your clipboard or copying to other programs

Paste or save your image, and you’re all set!

How to Capture an Image on Your Mac Screen

Mac users will not be surprised to learn that it’s even easier to capture an image on your Mac screen. From any screen, simply hold down three buttons: CMD + SHIFT+4. This allows you to not only make a snip of a portion of your screen, but you’ll also have an opportunity to resize the images as you’re getting ready to save or use them.

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