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Published On: February 20, 2018 by Blake Schwank

CCS and the Colorado Springs Switchbacks

CCS’ Blake Schwank joined James Ragain from the Switchbacks FC to talk about their business partnership and how it supports the local Colorado community. 

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Check out Blake and Jame’s recent interview.

The Colorado Computer Support team knows how important it is to give back to the community we live in. Without the support of our fellow community members, we wouldn’t have the success we do today.

That’s why CCS’ very own Blake Schwank recently appeared on Living Local on Fox21News with James Regain. The two went on the air to talk about how CCS and the Colorado Springs Switchbacks Football Club have been supporting the community.

“The Switchbacks are a locally owned, professional soccer team – it’s a family business,” said James. “We’re coming into our fourth season and we’re very excited about that.”

“We have been working with the Switchbacks for about five years, we helped build out their stadium when they first started,” said Blake. “We help keep the technology running at the stadium so that people can keep buying beer and pizza.

However, CCS’ partnership with the local football club isn’t just about keeping their technology operating properly.

“Besides helping out with the Switchbacks, our company does a lot with education,” continued Blake. “Probably the biggest thing we’re doing right now is with Falcon school district, we’re working on an initiative to help kids that are interested in technology to do some job shadowing, field trips, and ultimately maybe some internships to help them learn what our company does.”

In addition to fostering a nurturing environment for children with an interest in technology, CCS and the Colorado Springs Switchbacks Football Club help to grow the community as well.

“We’re all about local here. We’re a family business, we live here, our kids go to the same schools we take the I-25 and get stuck in traffic every morning,” added James. “Being partnered with local owners like Blake here has been the best moment of who we are and what we are here in this community.”

“We’re helping other businesses, and other businesses are helping us. The whole point is to grow the community, and having professional soccer here is helping to do that.”

Blake then went on to talk about how CCS factors into the growth of the local community.

“Colorado Computer Support is a similar story – we really enjoy the local community and what it offers, and the kinds of employees we can hire here,” explained Blake. “We hire local employees, and we do a lot with the Wounded Warrior Project – we hired several of our employees through that program.”

CCS and the Colorado Springs Switchbacks Football Club are businesses run by people that understand how important the local community is to their success. Without active and engaged local businesses and residents, we wouldn’t be the business we are today – that’s why we’re proud to support our community.

To learn more about the IT services that CCS provides to the Colorado Springs Switchbacks Football Club and other businesses in the local community, get in touch with us right away at (719) 355-2440 or

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