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Colorado Computer Support (A Colorado League of Charter Schools Preferred Service Provider)


Colorado Computer Support understands the importance of education in our country and has elected to focus on providing the best computer and education IT support to charter schools throughout the state of Colorado. CCS services allow your entire faculty to focus on teaching. Because CCS specializes in how public K-12 schools use IT, their IT team can help educators throughout Colorado deal with technology challenges as they arise.

CCS can work with your in-house IT team and help your IT professionals navigate technology when day-to-day troubleshooting and taking care of users’ issues consumes all of their time. CCS’ team has detailed knowledge of server virtualization technologies, Windows networking, Exchange migrations and many other highly technical challenges. CCS has reliable IT specialists who are there to help whenever we’re needed.

For schools with no in-house IT staff, CCS’ fully managed IT services are the perfect fit. CCS provides all of the same services you would expect from in-house computer techs. When you come onboard through CCS’ managed IT services program, you will receive all the standard offerings as well as the following education-centric services:

  • Student management software support and consulting
  • Apple, Macbook, iPad and mobility support
  • Help with all of your testing software
  • Office365 for education deployments
  • Social Media consulting and management
  • Remote access solutions


Colorado Computer Support (CCS)

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