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Wireless networks are everywhere. The wireless network is an essential component of the corporate network.  WI-FI networks in businesses are not as cut and dry as setting up a wireless router at home. Businesses need security and networks that can be easily managed.  Colorado Computer Support now offers the best wireless networking to Colorado Springs businesses thanks to its strategic partnership with Meraki.

Colorado Springs, CO – September 28, 2012 – Today’s networks are growing beyond the wire as more and more businesses, schools and facilities look at incorporating wireless technologies into their traditional networks.  There is also a great need to upgrade existing wireless networks to accommodate the influx of new devices.  Wireless networks that were top of the line just a few years ago are not able to handle the requirements of many of the new systems.

Colorado Computer Support provides robust, scalable and fully managed wireless networking across Colorado.  Through our partnership with industry wireless networking leader Meraki, CCS builds intelligent, cloud managed networking solutions that dramatically simplify networks, whether securing iPads in an enterprise or blanketing a campus with Wi-Fi, CCS and Meraki networks simply work.

“The Meraki solution offers our clients, both businesses and school boards, the peace of mind of knowing that we have a secure wireless network and one that is fully managed by our team at CCS,” said CCS president Blake Schwank.

Schwank, whose team includes several Meraki Certified Networking Associates, partners with Meraki, to provide secure Wi-Fi to both businesses and schools across the state.

“Meraki is crucial to organizations looking at blending traditional PC-based networks with iPads and other Mac devices,” Schwank said.  “We have found that Meraki and Apple provide the perfect one-two punch.”

Meraki and CCS are the perfect solution for your Colorado business, hotel, school or any other organization in need of a managed, scalable and robust wireless networking solution.


About Colorado Computer Support:  Colorado Computer Support, based in Colorado Springs, CO, offers a wide range of IT solutions for businesses, non-profits and education institutions across Colorado Springs and surrounding communities.  CCS offers fixed-cost and specialized IT consulting for Apple systems, Windows networks, wireless solutions and much more.

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