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June 1, 2013, Colorado Springs, CO – Technology plays an increasingly important role in education today. Students, faculty and alumni rely on information technology (IT) systems to communicate, share information and enhance instruction.  Colorado Computer Support (CCS) understands how important technology is for Colorado schools, and has provided them IT support services for over 12 years.

CCS is proud to announce that they’ve been approved for membership in the Preferred Service Providers (PSP) Program with the Colorado League of Charter Schools. The PSP Program showcases professional service providers and recommends them to charter schools throughout Colorado.

The purpose of the PSP program is to help charter schools make wise purchasing decisions in a field they may not have experience with, such as IT services.  The program helps Colorado charter schools save time and money by vetting service providers

through a 10-Point Evaluation Process, which includes:

  • Personal interviews with the provider’s CEO and organizational leaders
  • A general survey of Internet postings about the provider and their status with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • A survey of their experience with staff members of the Colorado League
  • Client interviews and references from their customers
  • Reviews of the provider’s Financial & Risk Management Practices
  • An assessment of their overall offerings, including their value-added services
  • A review of the provider’s experience in the K12 (Kindergarten through 12th Grade) community
  • An assessment of their industry experience and expertise
  • A review of similar relationships with other K12 organizations
  • An agreement from the provider that they will comply with PSP’s Ethical Code of Conduct

“Colorado Computer Support is focused on providing charter schools across Colorado with the technology tools they need to provide the best education possible,” says CCS President and CEO, Blake Schwank. “CCS remains committed and focused on becoming a trusted partner with our educational clients.”

The CCS educational IT services website provides a wealth of information about their technology services for charter schools in Colorado at:



There’s an abundance of technology support organizations in Colorado Springs.  How do you decide which one offers the best support and IT knowledge?  Colorado Computer Support (CCS) is a good choice, with their proven track record of success with the educational community in Colorado.

If you’re interested in contacting CCS about their wide range of IT and technology support solutions, please call Blake Schwank at 719.439.0599 or email

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