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Clipboard Managers and Screenshot Utilities from Mac


Apple Support in Colorado SupportMac OS X provides tons of clipboard managing apps and screenshot utilities that keep your workflow in check.

Mac OS X flourishes with helpful tools for convenient writing, research, and working experience. For all the busy bees out there, it’s important t keep the work organized and well managed so as not to miss any deadlines or important events. Mac OS X provides tons of clipboard managing apps and screenshot utilities that keep your workflow in check.

Here are some more powerful apps that provide time saving features.

Pop Clip

PopClip is a useful writing tool, especially if you use a lot of copy and paste functions. With PopClip, there’s no need to highlight and right click. When you have it installed it will automatically pop-up a copy/paste function. Sleek eh?

Grab It

The newest, most convenient screenshot tool for your Mac! If you choose a portion of your screen to save, instead of it automatically being saved to your desktop, it pops up as a file and lets you annotate the image, and even save it to your Dropbox. Dragging the image automatically copies it, allowing you to drag it to your desktop or any other application.

The most interesting part of Grab It is that the images you saved functions much like post-its that you can leave in your desktop and look at later.

Copy Less

Copy Less is another Mac writing tool with minimalistic design, and crisp functionality. It stores saved clippings that you can easily copy/paste to any writing app. For example, you can put your cursor on a notepad then tap on one of the clippings on Copy Less. That clipping will appear on your notepad without you having to manually copy and paste it.

For added ease, Copy Less assigns hotkeys to your clippings. The preferences page allows you to filter the applications Copy Less can save clippings from, and those that can access Copy Less.

Light Shot Screenshot

Another powerful annotating screenshot tool is Light Shot Screenshot. It allows users to screenshot a part of a page with click and drag and a set of editing tools appears ready for use. The annotated shots are also readily shared to any of your social media accounts, as well cloud storages like Google and Light Shot’s own server.

Cloud Clip

Provides ease in sharing files between your Mac and iOS devices. In Mac, Cloud Clip functions like a History keeper, storing clippings and recordings that you can share with social media, edit, or individually delete so they won’t appear in you iCloud storage.

It functions similarly on the iOS side, a clipboard History clipper. One limitation of Cloud Clip on iOS devices is the 10-minute recording time, after which, you’ll have to reopen the app and start recording from the background. Apple has addressed this discrepancy so the next time you update your software, you might get longer recording time from Cloud Clip on your iOS devices.

These applications prove to deliver less hassle and convenience to anyone who uses a lot of copy/paste action. It saves time from constantly switching between different apps, and going through an archive of hundreds of saved files. If you’re not using these apps now, you might want to update your Mac and iOS devices, and start charging your work experience with efficiency and expected productivity.

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