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Are you a “window hoarder”?

That’s someone who tends to open window after window, program after program, and never closes them out.

If you are, hey it’s totally fine — that’s the way you work. But the good news is, our computer support company in Colorado Springs has a great tip for you!

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Actually, it can help lots of Windows users — “window hoarders” or not (sorry, Mac users). That’s because it deals with using just one click to minimize all of the windows you have open. With that one click, you’ll be able to see that fresh, clean desktop underneath and start with a clean slate on whatever moves you plan on making next.

The trick is simple and easy, and it can save you a ton of time clicking away at minimization buttons. So let’s learn how to do it!

How to Minimize All PC Windows With One Click of Your Mouse

Here we go! Just follow these simple directions to get those windows outta there! with one click.

1. Look to the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, near the clock.

The bottom bar on your PC’s desktop is actually called your Taskbar. On the far left of the taskbar, you, of course, have your Start menu where you can find programs, files, and more. To the far right, however, you can see a section of the Taskbar called your System Tray or “Systray.”

The System Tray is where your clock is on the far right, and you’ll also see icons for several programs (usually those that are used often) so that they can be clicked on quickly whenever you need them. Here, you might also find the volume control, scanner software, anti-virus programs, and more.

Move your eyes to the right of the System Tray — as far right as you can go. There, you’ll see a tiny slice of the Taskbar on the very end; a line will separate this slice from the rest of the Taskbar. This is what you’re looking for!

2. See it? Now click it once!

And you’re done! By clicking this sliver of the Taskbar, you’ll make all of the windows you have open minimize, and you’ll be able to see the fresh, clean desktop screen in front of you.

Why Is This Minimization Tip Helpful?

Having lots of windows open on your desktop is fine if that’s the way you like to roll. But when it comes time to open a new file or program, you don’t want to be clicking forty windows’ minimization buttons just to see what’s underneath. Furthermore, lots of windows open can be a tad overwhelming and may actually mess with your workflow.

So, this tip allows you to save time, and by saving time, you can get more done. Simple as that!

For more tips, be sure to follow our computer support company in Colorado Springs — we’re always looking for new ways to help you increase productivity, improve workflow, and make life easier!

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