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Healthcare is a complex and tightly regulated industry, which requires a careful and thoughtful approach to technology and its place within your organization. Technology has an incredible capacity to revolutionize the way you interact with patients and provide patient care, manage medical records and documentation, schedule and track needed follow-up and referrals, and share sensitive and critical patient data with other healthcare professionals.

Medical Technology Support

Getting the most out of what healthcare technology has to offer while keeping your organization in line with the rules and regulations laid out by HIPAA means partnering with an IT provider who understands the ins-and-outs of your unique industry. Colorado Computer Support has been working closely with healthcare professionals since we started our business, providing the service and expertise practices and clinics need to operate effectively.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer:

  1. The resources and solutions required to maintain the security and confidentiality of patient health information.
  2. Fast and reliable access to medical records and diagnostic software from anywhere in your building, without compromising security.
  3. Improved communication solutions to keep your team in touch with patients regarding their prescriptions and ongoing healthcare needs.
  4. Service and support to keep your EMR and EHR solutions working the way they’ve been designed to.
  5. Guidance and support to keep your healthcare organization compliant with regulations like HIPAA and HITECH, and meet Meaningful Use standards.

Our team of experienced, passionate, and dedicated technology professionals are uniquely positioned to offer your healthcare organization exactly what you need to be productive, successful, and secure.

Ready to work with the experts at Colorado Computer Support to meet your organization’s technical support and compliance requirements? Contact CCS today at or 719.439.0599.

Business Technology Support

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