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You may have heard about the train derailment on April 21, 2015 in Colorado Springs.

Train derailment

Seven out of thirteen cars toppled over in close proximity to several residential homes. The worst part of it all, some of the cars that fell were filled with a type of dry ammonia used in fertilizer.

Several residents of Colorado Springs describe the incident as a disaster in waiting.

“This was waiting to happen. The way the railroad is configured, it’s one big curve and they’re going too fast,” says local resident Sophia Firewalker.

It took them several days to investigate, clean up and re-route other trains. Clearly a lack of communication was to blame for this extended crisis.

So what does this train derailment tell us about the state of The Federal Railroad Administration’s communication system? Why could the residents of Colorado Springs see the problem before it had happened? And the most important question of all…

How can a company, like yours, prevent such an extended catastrophe like this one?

I’ll tell you how – by implementing a business continuity plan that includes new technology solutions.

Here are four technologies that you can apply right now that will allow your business to operate and function as normal, in the case of a disaster.

  1. Secure Remote Access

Remote access is the ability to gain access to a computer or a network from a remote distance. This technology would come in useful for your company. In the case of an emergency, it allows for you to discuss a contingency plan with off-site workers instantly.

  1. Voice Over IP Telephone

Voice over IP or VoIP is a technology for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions via the Internet. This is a fantastic technology for your business should the usual, standard telephone lines fail you.

  1. Mobile Technologies

Although it may be a bit of an expense initially to equip your team with mobile technologies such as Smartphones, iPads/iPhones – in the case of a crisis it will definitely pay off. It will allow you to maintain constant contact for email, scheduling and disaster control.

  1. Cloud Services

Cloud computing has proven to be an extraordinary tool for businesses—especially small businesses. With cloud services, small businesses reap the benefits of not having to implement physical infrastructures like file and e-mail servers, storage systems or other software. On top of this, cloud service makes it possible to collaborate quickly among business partners and employees by using the global browser.

As you can see it’s so important to implement a business continuity plan into your professional program. You should always have a backup technological solution in the case of a system breakdown – whether it’s a server failure, or your train topples over in someone’s backyard.

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